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Koyo Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Contents

Koyo’s unchangeable doctrine since 1958

“Based on the spirit of fairness, progress in world food culture, dedicated to development based on the spirit of altruism, with our employees and people concerned we wish for the happiness of all people, being dedicated to mutual prosperity.”

Since the foundation of Koyo Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. in 1958, the main company objective has been to reign supreme in the era of development of top-notch food preservative products in anticipation of the cultural changes of food life. In the present era where there are various and ample food ingredients, safe and reliable food preservatives are not only important but indispensable. As a company always exploring new frontiers, Koyo Chemical never spares effort in reading the times and continuing to develop consumer oriented products.

Company Profile

Trade Name Koyo Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment: April 21 1958
Capital 48 million yen
Representatives Hiroshi Ogawa, President
No. of Employees 49
Accounting Period September (once a year)
Address 26,Higashiarioka 4-Chome,Itami,Hyogo,664-0845 Japan Telephone: +81-72-782-0711 / Facsimile: +81-72-772-1216
Correspondent Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ikeda Banking Corporation
Business Activites Manufactures and sells food additives
Allied Company WEIHAI JIAYANG TRADE CO.,LTD. (Move to Rongcheng in 2015) 威海市高技術開火炬路171号
Major Products Food Additive Sorbiron Series(Preservatives) Coat Organic Acid(Acidulants) SENMI HOPE Series(Natural Preservatives) SENDO NICE Series(Natural Preservatives) Fuming Series(Quality Improving Agents)


26,Higashiarioka 4-Chome,Itami,Hyogo,664-0845 Japan