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Fi China 2023


Date of participation: from Mar.15th through Mar. 17th 2023.

Place of exhibition  : National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Shanghai, China


This time we excited ourselves to present a newly developed agent (SOR-C) for domestic use along with our existing products such as 鮮度好2号, 博士味1号, 明日香1号 and KOYO-PT.


For our booth visiting customers we provided sampling service of a piece of cake applied with 鮮度好2号 (mold preventing agent), yakitori with 博士味1号 (shelf-life extending agent) and fried chicken also with KOYO-PT (water maintain agent).

Here, customers’ suppressing applause to our products made us believe only the topnotch technology with reverberating effects could bring “Safe and Secure“ to the dining table worldwide.

Thank you very much for visiting our booth.