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Please ask us about "FOOD LONGIVITY".We can present you with best gods.

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From 8th June through 10th June.
National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China.

Koyo Chemical Co., Ltd. & Weihai Jiayang Trade Co., Ltd. participated this time in one of the greatest world food exhibitions heled in Shanghai, where we displayed excellent shelf-life extending preparations produced with our quintessential food-life technology.
These newly developed preparation for our domestic market such as KOYO-PT, HAKASE, ASUKA and our conventional familiar quality improving agent SENDOHAO2 as well.

Deep-fried chicken treated with KOYO-PT, Yakitori(skewered grilled chicken) done with HAKASE were sampled by many customers at our booth so as to taste the difference.

Herewith, we express our great thanks for visiting our booth.