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Please ask us about "FOOD LONGIVITY".We can present you with best gods.

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【New!】Our management philosophy was added from April 1st.


Based on the spirit of fairness, progress in world food culture, dedicated to development based on the spirit of altruism, starting with our employees and people concerned we wish for the happiness of all people, being dedicated to mutual prosperity.

This has been my philosophy, which has constantly matured, while working together with our customers that I have had ever since I joined Koyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  Wishing not only for the development of our business and the happiness of our employees, but also the happiness of our customers and all related people, I realized that developing together is what contributes to the progress and development of food culture.  Now and in the future, we will continue to devote ourselves to the development of satisfying products that will be useful to our customers.